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Selasa, 21 April 2009

ITALIAN FASHION >> Italian Fashion Tips | ITALIAN FASHION Guide!

Brief History of Italian Fashion
Executive summary about Italian fashion by Juliana De Angelis

Count Giorgini started the 'Italian Fashion' craze in 1951, when he organised a fashion show to be presented to an International audience in Florence. This all contributed to elevating the status of Italian fashion, and implanting in everyone's minds that Italian fashion gives you status, is very rich in quality,and almost 'fairytale' like.
Today there are various fashion trade fairs in Milan, and it is considered by many to be the Fashion Capital of The World.

History of Italian Fashion

Executive summary about Italian fashion by Joseph S Thomas

Italian Fashion during Renaissance

The period after 11th century was development and domination of Italian fashion. Great attention was paid to the extravagant dresses. Intricate designs with complex fashions were made. Just like modern fashion, no rich tradesman would wear dresses that were out of fashion.

The Decline of Italian Fashion

The gothic style which is simpler style became popular in Italy and influenced Italian fashion. The dominance of Spanish fashion led to decline in Italian fashion. For centuries, Italian fashion faded away in the world of fashions.

The Revival of Italian Fashion

Post World War II, the Italy exported accessory fashion items and leather goods. There was revival of Italian Fashion on 25th February 1951, when Giovan Battista Giorgini held a fashion show in Florence. Giorgini wanted to show that these expensive clothes are worn by rich influential people with ease. The fashion show became overnight success. With change in time, the Italian fashion concentrated and designed cloths for common man.

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